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A Little Misiman…

There are three main languages spoken by people in different areas in the Louisiades, Misima-Paneati, Nimoa and Sudest. Whilst Pidgin is often spoken throughout Papua New Guinea, in the Louisiades the majority of people speak their local language and English, with fewer using pidgin.
Thanks heaps to Trevor and Suzie Burns for the following Dictionary:

Good Morning Mweluluga Waiwaisana
Midday Greeting  Alalati Waiwaisana
Good Afternoon  Kokoyavi Waiwaisana
Good Night  Bulin Waiwaisana
Good Day  Lan Waiwaisana
Thank You Ateu Owa (Atay Owaa)
Welome (to one person) Unem
Welcome (to more than one) Kunem
Goodbye   Kaioon (Kayoon)
I go      Nanok
We go     Tanok
Let’s go     Tae Gon (Tay Gon)
Okay (or Good )   I Waisi
Children    Wawayau
Mother     Nain (Nein)
Father      Nam (Naam)
Grandmother     Bubu Nevenak
Grandfather     Bubu Tonowak
Brother (or male friend) Taliu
Sailing Canoe   Sailau/ Waga / Lakatoi
Drunk     Imim
















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